Engaging Laneways

Kimber Lane at night, Chinatown "Between Two Worlds' by Jason Wing
Improving lighting, strengthening the pedestrian experience and embracing the distinguishing features of the Sydney Chinatown lanes and streets. That was the brief from the City of Sydney to ASPECT Studios when they were engaged in 2009 as lead consultant for stage one of the Chinatown upgrades. The focus was on Little Hay Street, Factory Street and Kimber Lane.
ASPECT Studios worked closely with artist Jason Wing to integrate his public art installation, ‘Between Two Worlds’ within the revitalised public area. The brightly coloured work includes painted cloud motifs on the walls and ground, granite etching and a series of site specific lighting elements which refer both to the site’s history and current community. The laneway now looks so interesting with it's purple light and orange glow.  Does it make you want to see it for yourself?

Landscape Architect: Aspect Studios
Location: Chinatown Sydney, Australia

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