Manly Beach BOMB

Braille on Manly Beach (BOMB) was a happening scheduled for January 2010 to celebrate Louis Braille's Birthday. I would love more information about this amazing sounding event.
The blurb read:
"Braille on Manly Beach is an innovative community celebration of braille that involves making a braille message in the form of large dots in the sand. Each sand-dot will be .5 metres high and 1 metre in diameter. This sand-sculpted braille message will be made in the inter-tidal zone (the area between high and low tides) along a 50-metre stretch on one of Manly's beaches. The message will take several hours to make, and then it will gradually be carried away by the incoming tide, merging with the sea in a blend of poetry, metaphor, and spray.
Braille on Manly Beach has been conceived by Anne Walton and Bruce Maguire (with assistance from sand sculptor Dennis Massoud and financial support from the Australia Council) as a unique celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Louis Braille" From e- bility.com

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