Visitors to Sydney always come here.

Tourists, backpackers, sunbakers and surfers in that order.

YEATS AT BONDI a haiku by John Tranter  
Bondi Beach—
that drongo-thronged,
that nong-tormented sea.

"Bondi"  is an Aboriginal for water breaking over rocks or noise of water breaking over rocks.[2] The Australian Museum records that Bondi means place where a flight of nullas took place.

Growing up in Bondi
On grass-clipping streets and median strips
and cracked concrete that baked in heat and
bitumen on roads that bubbled under feet,
you hurled water bombs at the kids
from around the street and
went to the beach 'cos that's
just what you did.

Excerpt from Adam Gibson's poem

Other poems mentioning Bondi:
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